Jupiter Opposition 09 July, 2008

For those who have come to this page in search of information for Jupiter Opposition in 2009 kindly click here for latest information. However the videos on this page can be still useful for educational purpose.

A Press Conference was conducted by the Society on 9th July, 2008. Prof. Vivekananda Rao, HOD,Director, Dept. of Astronomy, Prof.G.Yellaiah, Dept. of Astronomy along with Founder Secretary N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar addressed the media.

In Quick Brief to this Long Article - Here is list of Events on which the meet was held.
1. Jupiter Opposition on 9th July, 2008
2. Jupiter being closest to Earth on 10th July, 2008
3. Saturn Mars conjunction on 10th July, 2008
4. Earth at aphelion to Sun on 4th July, 2008.

Jupiter Opposition :

An Opposition occurs when the planet is opposite from the Sun relative to the Earth. At Opposition the planet will rise as the Sun sets and will set as the Sun rises providing an entire night of observation. Also at Opposition the planet comes physically closest to the Earth in it’s orbit so it appears as large as possible. On 9th July, 2008 Jupiter is at opposition.

Position of Planet Earth and Jupiter as seen from above :

Hence Planet Earth was at Opposition to Jupiter and Sun at 1.09 noon on 9th July, 2008. It would be Closest to earth on 10th July, 2008 at a distance of 4.1610 AU.

How to Locate Jupiter :
In the Evening :
One Hour after Sunset (by this time Jupiter be sufficiently up above Horizon clearing buildings/trees etc.) One has to look towards South East Direction for spotting Jupiter which appears like bright Non twinkling Star. However that is not a star but planet because Planets do not twinkle but just reflect Sun’s Light.

In Midnight for Night Owls:
This more appropriate time for telescope observers as Jupiter can be found high above Southern Horizon.

In Morning for Morning Walkers:
Morning walkers can spot Jupiter in South Western Sky one hour before Sun Rise.

Jupiter as Seen from Earth in Night sky :

Jupiter Opposition Campaign 2008 :

As a Prelude to International Year of Astronomy society announced launch of Jupiter Opposition Campaign.

Following is the video of Jupiter as seen from India from 9th July, 2008 to 31st December , 2008.

Please visit our site regularly for activities/sessions/workshops planned under this campaign over next few months up till end of the year.

Here is the link to article published in various
1. The Hindu - Click here

2. Deccan Chronicle (to be uploaded)

3. Andhra Jyothi (to be uploded)

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