SEND YOUR NAME TO MOON - Date Extended Upto 31st July, 2008

Planetary Society, India celebrating International Lunar Decade and in true spirit UNISPACE III Declaration supports and likes to create awareness while initiating active participation of general public in “Send Your Name to Moon” & Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project of NASA.

Society here by kindly invites general public particularly student community to be part of this historic mission. Understanding few steps you can register and download a certificate. There is no fee, registration, participation is free.

Participation Certificate: After you register your name an acknowledgment in the form of Certificate (duly numbered and dated) is provided for download.

How will your/ name go to Moon?

All registered names would be put onto a Micro Chip which in turn would be mounted on to LRO spacecraft by NASA. Further using registration number on the certificate anyone can cross check or retrieve or share their certificates once the database is published on the site after launch of mission in Oct/Nov.

Any person with interest in space sciences can also participate in this activity and send their respective names to moon with the help of NASA LRO MISSION based 'SEND YOUR NAME TO MOON' Project. Details visit the site

FOR SCHOOLS : Kindly download the Word file towards right side this article.
Newspaper clippings as appeared in Andhra Jyothi and Indian Express will be posted shortly.

Society invites schools to avail the excellent opportunity to Send Names to Moon on the LRO Mission. People can visit or

What you have to do?
1. Prepare list of names (all/selected) of students.
2. Visit the site or for step by step details on how to register names and collect certificates of students to be part of LRO mission of NASA to Moon.
3. Again come back to main site click on Direct link
4. Register the names of students as per instructions provided in the tutorial.

Note : Alternatively Students with knowledge of Internet usage themselves can be asked to volunteer to register names selected by the school.

Eligibility & Fee: None
Last Date of Names Submission: 31st July, 08.

Special Session in Oct/Nov, 08: Society continuing its efforts would organize Special Multimedia Session “Journey to Moon” in Oct/Nov week before actual launch. For this among registrants society would select 500 Students representing different schools. Thus as the LRO visits moon in Oct/Nov participants can be happy that their name to travels to moon. If interested in participating in special session and activities of society as part of Lunar Decade. Send us the following : by email (preferably) at or or C.D./Floppy .

i. List of names of all students (whom you registered) along with their certificate number.
ii. Letter nominating 10 students (from different standards) for selection to the Special Session “Journey to Moon” to be conducted by the society in Oct/Nov 2008 one week before actual launch of LRO, NASA.

Note: 1. Schools can nominate any student of their choice for attending the session.
2. Because of limited space only one or two students along with a teacher would
be invited for the session. Nominal expenses may be collected if needed providing material.
3. Efforts would be made to organize video or web conference involving an expert online with the help of American Astronautical Society and others.

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