Total Solar Eclipse on 1st August, 2008

Total Solar Eclipse will occur on 1st August, 2008. This is last Solar Eclipse of the Year. This Eclipse will be visible in the region covering northern and eastern parts of North America, Greenland, northern Europe and Asia except Japan.

In Indian Standard Time (IST) the different phases of Eclipse begins at 1.34 noon and end at 6.08 p.m. in the evening. The Central Phase of Eclipse begins at 2. 52 p.m. and Ends at 4.50 p.m. whereas the greatest eclipse occurs at 3.51 p.m. The duration of Total Phase of Eclipse is for 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

In India - Partially Visible: Northern part of the country would witness approximately 60-65% of Sun disk obscured by moon, whereas as seen from southern part of the country around 30% of disk is obscured during the period of eclipse by moon (which comes in between sun and earth).

Other Places : for timings of eclipse in various states across the country Click Here

In Hyderabad: For people in Hyderabad can witness this eclipse partially though, when partial phase as seen from Hyderabad begins at 4.30 p.m. while it ends at 6.06 p.m.

Above Video of Solar Eclipse as seen from Hyderabad, India.

This video shows you Solar Eclipse (partial phase) on 1st August, 2008 as visible from india and neighboring countries.

This Video shows the shadow of moon passing through different countries. See India is under lighter side of shadow.

How to Watch Solar Eclipse safely ?
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Yes what you are seeing is right (above image is Courtesy NASA) ! With much talked "Solar Filter" available at a cost and controversies about quality. The most and better option is indirect method of observation i.e. projection.

Led by N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar In the past society was in forefront in distribution of special googles fitted with Certified Solar Filters provided by National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) Govt of India. However increase in cost of Certified Filter leading to enormous increase in cost society now endorses indirect observation.

Partial Lunar Eclipse on 16th August, 2008: Further this month a Partial Lunar eclipse will occur on 16th August, 2008 which is visible in entire India.

Next Total Solar Eclipse: will occur on 22nd July, 2009, where people in India can witness it in totality.

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