Partial Lunar Eclipse - on 16th/17th August, 2008 - at Midnight - Visible in India

Few minutes before Midnight on 16th August 2008 the last eclipse of year or last lunar eclipse of the year would occur.

As seen from earth Moon enters penumbra (lighter shadow) of earth at 11.53 p.m. on 16th August, 2008. Then by 1.06 a.m. on 17th August,2008 you will notice moon moving into the umbra (Darker part of earth's shadow). At 4.15 a.m. moon will leave the umbra. Whereas finally eclipse ends at 5.27 a.m. when moon leaves the penumbra of earth.

Moon enters penumbra 11.53 p.m. on 16th Aug,08

Moon enters umbra 1.06 a.m. on 17th Aug, 08

Moon leaves umbra 4.15 a.m. on 17th Aug, 08

Moon leaves penumbra 5.27 a.m. on 17th Aug, 08

For details on How Lunar Eclipse occurs kindly click here to see our article for 21st February, 2008.

Animation 1

The above animation moves very slowly to give you feel of actual lunar eclipse. so be patient.

Animation 2 of Lunar Eclipse

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