Story of Mars 27th August is back - A Hoax which is blessing in disguise

Two moons on 27 August!

Yeah you heard it right friends (for all wrong reasons though).

These days after an exciting month of two celestial events ... Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Now the local schools, people on web locally are abuzz with the return of "Mars story". Here is glimpse of what you might have received or heard from some one.

“ On 27th August,200.. Two Moons in the Sky… . Spectacular Mars… NO ONE EVER ALIVE ... Whole world is awaiting....” or two moon on 27 August. So this Story is back.

If This story is back - What is the Issue ?

Questions - Questions and Questions ?

Teachers, Students passing the links to this hoax mail of "Mars" innocently question "Will there be two moons visible in the sky ?"

Is it true what's going to happen on 27th August 2008 - "No one ever alive" would see ?

Anyways we welcome you.

We appreciate your interest. And those who didnt worry about this little mysterious neighbour of ours all these days since 25th December, 2007 (Mars was at opposition actually and closest it could get in next few years). We welcome you.

So freinds we like to caution that the mail you might unknowingly forwarding.... or being sent to you by enthusiastic people... is nothing but "HOAX" or in simple words is fake or wrong information. So dont believe or just ignore as a returning joke.

As ever we will give you (yes ofcourse with images etc...) full info shortly. Yes we would talk here "As to to why" we call those mails related to August 27 a "BIG MARS HOAX"?.

Any how please read click here which was published last year to help you understand this hoax which suspiciously returns every year.

Blessing in Disguise: Yes thanks to this "Hoax Mail" we get more people taking interest in understanding mars etc...and finally land on this site to know....

So here are the images - Which explain Why the Hoax mail is Wrong ?

Unremarkable Tiny Dot like Mars - as seen in Western Sky on 27th August, 2008

The interesting twist to the story is - Moon cannot be seen in the evening on 27th August, 2008 at all. Because you can see Moon would be rising early morning after 3 a.m. in Eastern Sky on 28th August, 2008 :

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