All India Radio - Year of Astronomy Show and Sky Today

Freinds today i.e.31st May,2009 i along with two other experts were invited to a "phone in" programme on Medium Wave Station of All India Radio from 9.35 a.m. to 10.05 a.m. People from across the state of Andhra Pradesh called during the programme. (i will update this post in 2 hours about what happened and questions etc... )

Observig Planet Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars :
As told on the Radio Show people can witness these four planets in the Evening/Morning sky.

Saturn : after sunset if one can look above head you can find planet saturn.

Jupiter : Best time is 4 a.m. on can locate this king of planets in South East direction.

Venus : Venus can be seen in East direction.

Mars : It can be sighted just towards left below of Venus.

How to differentiate from stars. Remember : Stars as seen from earth twinkle, wheras planets dont they just shine.

Anyways i will post sky maps and other info in another two hours from now. so do come back.

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