Spot Venus, Mars using Moon

On 21st May, 2009 one can easily locate Planet Venus and Mars in the morning skies a hour before sunrise. For this one can use the Waning Crescent Moon to spot Venus which is on right side below moon. Whereas Mars can be spotted below Venus towards Left. Importantly Jupiter can be spotted above towards South East Direction.

Direction to Look and Time: One has to look towards East Direction from 4.30 a.m. Onwards.

How to locate: On 21st May, 09 when one can observe towards East Direction one will find Crescent Moon. Just below towards right of Crescent Moon one can find Planet Venus.
Further if one can observe towards left of Venus one would notice dimly shining object which is Planet Mars. Importantly Jupiter can be spotted above South East Direction.

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Sky at 4.30 a.m. on 21st May, 2009

How they Appear - No Telescope – Just Naked eye to spot: As seen with naked eye Venus and Mars would appear star like objects. Telescope is not required to spot, whereas it is only needed when one wants to appreciate the finest features of Venus and Mars.

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Distance: Though Moon Venus and Mars appear to be close to each other in sky as seen from earth. In reality there are separated by Millions of Kilometers of distance.

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