Freinds like previous months of 2010 this month of may also has a exciting celestial event happening for the enthusiasts. Yes like last year you can see Aquarids Meteor Shower occuring this year too.

So being a annual event and we already wrote a article last year on the same subject there not much as to description of the matter to write hence kindly click here to read more about information of

What is a Meteor shower ?
Why this Meteor Shower is called "Eta Aquarids" ?
Source of this Meteor Shower ?

Just visit our article wrote last year click here

Difference from last year : However there is a difference i.e. This Year Moon will play spoilsport as most of the meteors will be lost in glare of moon glare. However you may wait for the meteors which would withstand and give you a glimpse.

Whereas here i would like to post some Skymaps hosted on Picassa for your assistance.

Here is the real photograph by a enthusiast.

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