Launch of PSLV C-15 rescheduled

The  Indian Space Research Organisation has put out a press release announcing the delay of the launch of PSLV C-15, scheduled for May 9, 2010.

Before a launch vehicle is launched it goes through various tests and checks. During one such check, scientists observed a drop in the second stage of the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).

Image: The image shows the PSLV after the four rocket stages and the payload are integrated.
Image Credit: ISRO and Planetary Society, India

This check is performed after the four rocket stages of the PSLV and the payloads are integrated. It was further found that drop in pressure was observed in an area which the scientists could not access easily.

Hence scientists had to remove the payload, the fourth and third stage to check what is causing the pressure drop. This is causing delay in the launch. The new launch date will be announced after checking.

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