Celeberate New Year with Earth a Inspiration - Auckland first - India

Dear Readers

Here is the first post of the new year. You may ask at 10.p.m. IST (When i am writing this article) Why do I Wish you 2 hours ahead ?

Anyways I am happy to begin the new year with a scientific discussion.

so coming to point when the clocks in India read 16:30 p.m today in india according to Indian Standard Time the clocks in Auckland (New Zealand)   ticked in to new year and said it is  Saturday, 1 January 2011, 00:00:00   
in other words
New Delhi (India - Delhi)    Friday, 31 December 2010, 16:30:00    UTC+5:30 hours IST is equal to

Auckland (New Zealand)    Saturday, 1 January 2011, 00:00:00    UTC+13 hours NZDT

That means Earth entered the new year on our time scale at 4.30 p.m in indian standard time.

Why ?
This is because Auckland (Newland) is one of the cities which  is on the  west of the International Date Line

Republic of Kiribati to see first Sun Rise of 2011  and Gisborne :  
However Gisborne is 496.3 kilometres (308.4 mi) west of the International Date Line and thus is the first major city to see the beginning of the new year, however it is Kiritimati, Republic of Kiribati that is the first "city" in the world to see the first sun rise for the year.

A story Different - Inspiration :  Lesson of  Goal Setting and Determination !
Many of you often make lots of Resolutions of new year. Also we do set goals in our life. At this breif moment i would like to stop you to think for a moment.

If you can personify Planet Earth and assume it would set a Resolution for year 2011. What would be it Resolution ?

RESOLUTION OF EARTH : TO GO AROUND SUN IN ANOTHER 365.256363004 days. For this It has to rotate on its axis 23h 56m 4 also take care of its tilt its orbit.To do this it will not wait or postpone to implement.

so i wish if we can really learn  Goal Setting, Determination from Planet Earth during course of its journey around sun and day to day life.

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