Space Simulator Project 2010

Dear parents and schools who have seen our release today in various news papers kindly mail us the details to
1. For Individual(Name, School, Residential Address, Phone)
2. For Schools (School Name,Principal Name, In charge Teacher , School Phone, Fax if available)

Below is the Video of 2010 Jan Project in Telugu

Details of the Project : Its a International Outreach Project involving students where we like to show student can contribute to the world. And their work will impact/inspire and create awareness among students in India & World wide.

Various Stages of the Project:
1. Training Programme (to be completed before 30 December 2010)
2. Simulating conditions of Eclipse & recording the same by students.
3. Publishing of the Data and Work recorded by students online.
4. Conveying the work of students to various countries across the world.

So schools should nominate the students for the project assuring participation of students in all the above stages of project.

Participation Fee:  though this is expected to bit high is being still being worked out.

For Interested individuals we kindly request you to bring the info about this project (with newsapers clip dt.19th Dec, 2010 published in Hindu & Times of India both Pg.4 & video on this site) for kind reference of the school management. Or Ask them to visit (driect link to this article)

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