Longest and Best Lunar Eclipse (Total) till 2018 on 10 Dec 2011 India - FAQ's

What will happen on 10 December 2011 ?  What are its timings astronomically?
A Lunar Eclipse occurs when earth in course of its orbit around sun, comes between moon and sun such a way that moon his hidden in the shadow cast by earth. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned in a straight line, Hence lunar eclipse occurs only when there is full moon. 

So on 10th Dec, 2011 Total Lunar Eclipse will occur. Eclipse in various phases begins at 5.02 p.m. and Ends at 11.02 p.m. on 10th December, 2011. The noticeable Umbra phase begins at 6.15 p.m. and Ends at 9.48 p.m. wherein Total Phase begins at 7.36p.m. and ends at 8.28 p.m. 

Astrologers are reporting 6 p.m. to 9.48p.m. Why do you say eclipse is upto 11 p.m ?
Though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 5.02 p.m. with moon entering lighter Shadow of Earth.  People can noticeably witness darkening ( or leaving) of Moon’s disk between 6.15 p.m. to  9.48 p.m.

This can be further explained by explaining what is Penumbra and Umbra
Earth’s shadow has two parts Penumbra (outer lighter part) and Umbra (darker part). All Lunar Eclipse begin with moon first entering penumbra at one end passing through umbral phase and ending with leaving the penumbra on other end. Generally only the Umbral phase is commonly considered as actual eclipse by general public to follow various rituals and traditions leaving Penumbra passage of moon. Whereas all Lunar eclipse begin and end with moon entering and leaving the penumbra (lighter outer shadow of earth). 

What is this totality phase?
 Importantly moon will be completely immersed (for 52 mins long) in the dark shadow of earth from 7.36p.m. to 8.28 p.m. during Totality Phase.  Whereas from 8.29p.m. Onwards one can notice moon slowly coming out of the shadow of earth returning to brightness.  

You said 52 Minutes totality Phase is Longest till 2018 ?  Why ?
Yes If Totality Duration data is seen Total Lunar Eclipse on 10 Dec, 2011 is longest (52 mins), compared to 8 Oct, 2014 (29 mins) where only 6 minute of partial phase is only visible in India, 4 April, 2015 (5 mins), 31 Jan, 2018 (76 mins) , 27 July, 2018 (103 mins).  Conclusion:  so Eclipse on 10 Dec 2011 is longest till year 2018 27 July.  

When is the next Visible eclipse from our country ?  
Next opportunity to see a Eclipse will occur on 25 April, 2013 which is Lunar Eclipse but its is Partial Lunar Eclipse..But to see Total Lunar Eclipse one needs to wait till 2018. 

What is other unique point of this Eclipse ?  You said 2018 what does that mean ?
So 2018 July 27 is the only time when people can see entire umbral phase including whole of Total phases just like in case of 10 Dec 2011.

Can you explain this again?
In simple words a person from India and neighboring country if misses to see Eclipse on 10 December, 2011. He has to wait till 27 July 2018 for seeing eclipse in various visible phases totally.
Which if we can see here
Though there is Total Lunar Eclipse on 8 Oct, 2014 people in India & around can see only a part of moon covered that to 6 minutes only towards end of eclipse due to moon which rises at 5.58 p.m. On 4 April, 2015 due to late rising moon (at 6.28 p.m) the total phase is already over at 5.28 p.m to 5.33 p.m.  On 28 Sept 2015 eclipse occurs after sunrise hence we can’t see. Whereas in 2018 on 31 Jan again due to delayed moon rise people can start seeing eclipse few minutes before total phase where most of moon is engulfed in Earth Shadow.

Is it correct to say that Lunar eclipse will affect Pregnant Women? It will lead to Natural disasters?
Scientifically speaking there is no evidence to prove this or we can say that this misconception never pass the test of “Scientific Method”. 

Which are the places across the world this Eclipse is Visible ?
The eclipse will be visible in the region covering Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, North America, Greenland, and the Indian, Pacific, and Arctic Ocean.

You said India is best place to see Eclipse on 10 December, 2011 ? Why ? Can you explain in detail . How the eclipse would be visible from different countries ?
India is one of the best places to see this eclipse totally because the eclipse in its various phases (start to end) is visible. Wherein people would witness moon entering shadow of earth and leaving as the moon’s disk gradually darkens and returns slowly to its full brightness. Similar opportunity to witness a Total Lunar Eclipse from start to end (in various phases) will only come on 27/28th July, 2018 for people in and around India. 

Across the world people living in parts of Mexico, eastern U.S.A., eastern Canada and Greenland can only witness this event on 10 Dec partially close to horizon when moon begins to darken but sets after few minutes from these locations. 

Whereas people in Europe, Africa and some regions of Southern Ocean can witness eclipse partially with moon already engulfed in earth’s  dark shadow and returning to brightness  i.e. during end part of umbra phase while moon is rising above horizon. 

Is it correct to say people belonging to certain Zodiac signs will be effected ?  
Yes the astrological Interpretation of eclipse is most popular than the science part of it. Wherein it is claimed Eclipse occurs in background of various zodiac signs/Nakshatras  and this eclipse will affect people with that sign.  They should not see the eclipse. Society requests people not to fall for such non scientific interpretation. 

Constellation Taurus:  Whereas astronomically speaking People can witness this entire celestial hide & Seek in the background of Pattern of stars called Taurus the bull. This constellation known since ages is one of the 88 constellations recognized by International Astronomical Union. 

In movies it is often shown about Black Magic/ Tantric pujas ? What is your opinion ?  
Yes in the name of Lunar Eclipse and in guise of solving problems of people some illegal practitioners of Black magic are committing various heinous crimes like sacrificing animals or even people. 

Police authorities particularly people should be alert about such incident and bring to notice of authorities and stop it.