When to welcome new Year? 3.30 p.m (today) or 10.02 pm. or 4.30p.m (on Sunday)

Today (31st Dec,2011) Kiribati, Samoa & Tokelau would be first three countries to welcome New year 2012 at 3.30p.m (as calculated in our local time) . Whereas American Samoa & others would be last at 4.30p.m (on Sunday) to welcome. So all those planning for 12.00 welcome...
Give a thought when to welcome the newyear?????? With Earth ? bcos Kirbati (Caroline Island) is also first place on earth to see first ray of Sunlight of new year...i.e. around 10.02pm IST our local time in Kiribati Sun Rise occurs at 6.32 a.m. Here is image with details of different countries and when they celebrate (in IST).
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Click on this image to list of Countries and when they  will welcome new year.