This year on the occasion of Republic Day even the skies too have an event for people to celebrate appreciating science in true spirit of “Promoting Scientific Temperament” as enshrined in our Indian Constitution. On Jan 26th 2012 Moon people can see Planet Venus paired with Moon in the western sky after Sunset i.e. both moon and Venus appear to be near to each other as seen from earth.

This celestial event is astronomically known as Conjunction of Moon with Venus. Providing people an easy opportunity to locate planets using Moon as tool with naked eyes. See Expln. Above for what is Conjunction, How to locate Planets anytime in a year.

Where to see /time:  after Sunset till 8.30 pm. If people can look towards West Direction one can see Planet Venus and Moon side by side i.e. On left side of beautiful crescent Moon one can see Venus.

Planet Jupiter: Further on 26th Jan people looking overhead at Sunset people can spot Planet Jupiter and continue to see it till midnight as it moves across the skies to set in West Direction.

Observation with Telescopes – Register & Questions: Further society likes to organize series of sky observations with telescopes across the state.  Interested Schools /people can register at www.skylab2012.tk for participation.

Importantly people can also download Poster/Maps from www.skylab2012.tk for assistance and using online forms can get clarification asking questions.