Bus-Size Asteroid 2012 BX34 to Give Earth Close Shave 27 Jan 2012

Asteroid to Miss Earth on 27th Jan 2012 -  9pm IST : a newly discovered Asteroid (space rock) called "Asteroid 2012 BX34" is expected to flyby Earth on 27th Jan and miss Earth by 65,000km approx.However there is no danger of collision.

What is the size of this object ?
This size of this space rock is 14 meters and will be cutting/moving across the area between earth and moon tonight at 8.55pm IST being closest traveling at speed of 9 km/sec .

To Miss Moon :This object will also miss Moon on 28th Jan at 6.15 a.m. being closest...

How much time does this object take to orbit Sun ? 
This object revolves/orbits around sun every 242 days.

When was this object first observed ? 
However it was first observed only on 25 Jan 2012. More Details/Latest update visit www.ournewplanets.com This info is correct as at 5.13a.m 27 Jan 2012.

Here is animation of the event as seen from object: 

Here is another View of the event - Sun centered