Spot Jupiter with Moon on 30th Jan 2012

On Jan 30th 2012 People can see Planet Jupiter paired with Moon in the sky after Sunset i.e. both moon and Jupiter appear to be near to each other as seen from earth. 

Since last over two months both Planets Jupiter & Venus are visible in the evening skies. Sooner Mars and Saturn will join them in coming months. However general public due to lack of knowledge are unable to distinguish Planets (which appear like non-twinkling objects) from stars (twinkling). Whereas phenomena of conjunction makes it easy for people to spot and recognize planets with naked eyes.

This celestial event on 30th Jan is astronomically known as Conjunction of Moon with Jupiter. Providing people an easy opportunity to locate planets using Moon as tool with naked eyes.

Jupiter - Visible from Sunset till 11.30 pm - Directions:
After Sunset if people facing West Direction can look above their head one can see Planet Jupiter and Moon side by side i.e. On left side of Moon one can see Jupiter.

Planet Venus Further on 30th Jan: further people can spot Venus in West Direction till 8.30p.m.

Planet after 8.30 p.m. – Direction: Planet Jupiter after Sunset moves across the skies only to set in West Direction at 11.30p.m. i.e. People can locate Jupiter with Moon from 8.30 p.m. till 11.30 p.m.  Looking in West  Direction.