CHANDRAYAAN I LOST & FORGOTTEN - 4th Anniversary on 22nd Oct

Friends today is Important day in the history of Humankind's attests/curiosity  to understand the mysteries of the heaven's above.

Moment of Triumph :
Today i.e. 4 years ago on 22nd Oct 2008 India's First Mission to Moon CHANDRAYAAN- I was launched. This Indian mission (with 11 payloads) confirmed the presence of water on moon.

Sad Situation :
At 11.27pm now on 22nd Oct 2012 we post the article with pride and pain knowing fact that not many celebrate or remember this great mission. If in doubt trying find updates/posts on facebook/twitter/blog to commemorate this historic mission.

We ask the question did Chandryaan-I got the recognition it actually deserves. Yes ask any common news following men and they would say..."Yes the one which failed without completing it full tenure or objectives".

What is interesting if one asks the question : - What is Chandraayan-I ? 
The answer from most of Engineering or College or School Students will be shocking.

Pathetic outreach :
If there are any efforts to create awareness on Chandrayaan I from Govt Side or ISRO. One cannot help but just look up at skies.

Kindly read the following articles written on earlier occasion as we commemorate 4th Anniversary of this great mission.These articles explain and give picture of the effort or victory of the CHANDRAYAAN - I .

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 Lets hope atleast  the coming years would see better celebrations in true spirit to inspire the future scientists of the country