TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE ON 13/14 Nov 2012 - Not Visible In India

The Last eclipse of the year will occur on 13th November 2012. However it is not visible from India. Whereas worldwide it’s mostly visible from uninhabited places. This eclipse is visible from region covering Australasia, Polynesia, the South Pacific Ocean, parts of Antarctica and the southern half of South America

Timings of the Eclipse as per UTC - on 13th/14th November 2012:  As per Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) this eclipse begins at 7.38 p.m. on 13th November 2012 and Eclipse Ends at 00.45 a.m.  On 14th Nov 2012. The maximum phase of eclipse will be at 10.12 p.m 

Timings of the Eclipse  as per Indian Standard time - on 14th November 2012:  As per Indian Standard time the eclipse begins at 1.08 a.m on 14th Nov 2012 and Eclipse Ends at 6.15 a.m. on 14th Nov 2012 .The maximum phase of eclipse will be at 03.42 a.m

For India - No Opportunity to see a SOLAR ECLIPSE (till 2016 or 2019)  covering Major parts of  India : The next best opportunity to see a SOLAR ECLIPSE from Major parts of the India  is on 2019 Dec 26th.

Whereas solar eclipse in 2016 though visible in major parts India begins and lasts only for few minutes close to horizon in early hours of March 9 2016. Wherein again only few states in the country where sun rises early can appreciate this solar eclipse of 2016.

So people in India (except few western parts of India) should wait till 2016 to have glimpse of Solar Eclipse to the least. Whereas 2019 Solar Eclipse can be enjoyed by all Indians across the country irrespective of the state.

When was the Last Time for a Solar Eclipse visible in India?
The Last Solar Eclipse which was visible from India (but only few north Eastern states) which was Annular Solar Eclipse occurred 21st May 2012.  

Whereas 15 Jan 2010 (Annular Solar Eclipse) was the last best opportunity for entire nation to get a chance to witness a Solar Eclipse.

Eclipse (which is Lunar) on 25 April 2013: though there are no Solar Eclipses in vicinity. There are number of Lunar Eclipses for Indians to witness. So People in India can witness a Partial Lunar Eclipse on 25th April 2013.