Lyrids Meteor Shower 2013

From 16th April, 2013 – 25th April, 2013 general public can witness one of the exciting celestial events of April month “Lyrid Meteor Showers” with naked eye. With 5 to 18 Meteors per hour zipping across the sky. Society suggests observation from pollution free dark clear skies away from city lights with good horizon for splendid experience. The Lyrids Meteor shower have been observed for the past 2600 years.

As per the report of International Meteor Organization (IMO) the Meteor shower will be at peak on 22nd April, 2013 when nearly 18 Meteors per hour are expected to be seen from dark skies.


Starting 12.30 a.m. at midnight to Sunrise one can see the stars of the constellation Lyra starting its journey from North East Direction to North.

One has to look above towards North East Direction to spot the constellation of Lyra then one would find bright streaks of light zipping across the sky and it would seem as if they are emanating from the star Vega in this constellation above east.

The radiant of the meteor shower is located in the constellation Lyra, near this constellation's brightest star Vega (also known as Abhijit nakshatra in India).

TIMINGS MIDNIGHT TO SUNRISE 16th April to 25th April 2013: 
Night Owls – Midnight around 12-1.30 a.m. onwards:  One has to look towards the area near North East direction above horizon from  00.30 a.m. onwards and continue.

Meteor showers to be visible after midnight tonight thanks to  Times of India Indiatv Hindu Businessline Rediff pti

Early Birds - 4.30 a.m. to Sun Rise: Morning walkers can look near Zenith (sky above the head) facing towards North from 3.30 am onwards until sunrise.

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