Partial Lunar Eclipse on 25/26 April 2013 Visible in India

  On 25th/26th April, 2013 Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur. This Eclipse is visible from India. Its first eclipse and the only one visible to occur since year 2011(10th Dec). The Eclipse will be visible in the region covering Australia, Asia (except N.E. part), Africa, Europe and Antarctica

Brief about Lunar Eclipse:  A Lunar Eclipse occurs when earth in course of its orbit around sun, comes between moon and sun such a way that moon his hidden in the shadow cast by earth. This can occur only when the Sun, Earth, and Moon are aligned in a straight line, Hence lunar eclipse occurs only when there is full moon.

Penumbra and Umbra: Earth’s shadow has two parts Penumbra (outer lighter part) and Umbra (darker part). All Lunar Eclipse begin with moon first entering penumbra at one end passing through umbral phase and ending with leaving the penumbra on other end. Generally only the Umbral phase is commonly considered as actual eclipse by general public to follow various rituals and traditions leaving Penumbra passage of moon. Whereas all Lunar eclipse begin and end with moon entering and leaving the penumbra (lighter outer shadow of earth).

Only Visible Eclipse of 2013: Except Eclipse on 25/26 April, 2013 which is visible. No other Eclipse is visible in India for year 2013. i.e. Though this year 2013 there  is Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on May 2, Annular Solar Eclipse on May 10, Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on Oct 18, Hybrid Solar Eclipse Nov 03. But none are visible wherein Penumbral Eclipses are not considered seriously as it’s difficult to notice because there is no significant darkening of Moon’s disk for naked eye observer on earth. 

Timings of Eclipse in Indian standard Time &Date: Eclipse in various phases begins at 11.32 p.m. on 25th April, 2013 and Ends at 03.43 a.m. on 26th April, 2013.  The noticeable Umbra phase begins at 1.22 a.m. and Ends at 1.53 a.m. wherein middle of eclipse or when it is maximum occurs at 1.37 a.m.

In other words: Though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 11.32 p.m. on 25 Apr with moon entering lighter Shadow of Earth and ends with Moon leaving lighter outer shadow of earth at 3.43a.m on 26 Apr.   People can noticeably witness darkening (or leaving) Moon’s disk between 1.22a.m. To 1.53 a.m.

Next Eclipse on 8th Oct 2014:  The next opportunity to see a Lunar Eclipse will occur on 8 Oct, 2014 which is Total Lunar Eclipse whereas people in India can see only partial phase. However on that day Moon rises in India just when the eclipse is getting over i.e. at close to of umbral phase. So people can witness the eclipse for few minutes only. Hence 25/26 April 2013 eclipse is special and best till 2015.  

Partial lunar eclipse to be visible tomorrow night PTI/NDTV/ZEE NEWS/ N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar Planetary Society of India , N.Raghunandan Kumar

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