Planet Saturn Closest, Brightest & Biggest 2013

On 28th April 2013 at 1.57 p.m. Planet Saturn would be at Opposition to Sun i.e. it will be directly opposite to Sun from our viewpoint on Earth. 
In other words during course its journey around Sun Planet Earth will have a Faceoff with Planet Saturn as it would leave behind its neighbor in the celestial race as days pass on. Due to opposition Planet Saturn will be closest, biggest (from Telescope) & brightest (as can be observed by anyone) it can get in year 2013 on 28th April 2013.
Further due to opposition Saturn can be seen all through night. If one can see he/she would notice as Sun Sets in the West Saturn will rise in the East. As Sunrises in the East Saturn Sets in West.

The Next “Opposition of Saturn” will occur on 10 May, 2014 whereas the last time it was at Opposition was on 15th April, 2012. Presently its shining at 0.9 Magnitude and shall remain so till 9th June 2013.

Closest approach: Because of Phenomena of Opposition Planet Saturn would be brightest and closest it can get to earth on 28th April, 2013 it will be at 8.816 AU = 1319 million Km. this close encounter is a consequence of the orbits the Earth and Saturn take around the Sun. The Minimum Distance from Saturn to Earth is 1195 Million km whereas Maximum Distance is 1658 Million Km.

Time/Direction - Naked Eye:  General Public can spot the Saturn with naked eye after sunset. Half hour after Sunset looking towards the sky opposite direction to sunset, in the evening one can spot Planet Saturn between East and South East direction.

Whereas at midnight one can see close to Zenith i.e. above his head while in the morning it can be spotted between West and South West Direction.

How it will appear: Saturn would appear as bright non-twinkling star like object for naked eye.  However when seen from Telescope it would appear Biggest it can get in year 2013. Importantly one can appreciate its finest features along with magnificent rings if seen through telescope.

Observation  with Astronomical Telescopes – Invitation to Schools/ Summer Camp Organizers: continuing its efforts society is happy to announce SATURN OBSERVATION CAMPAIGN INDIA 2013 which aims to Create Awareness about Saturn.  Society as a part of this Campaign (28th April to 17th October 2013) likes to conduct Observations at various places in the city/state with the help of its Astronomical telescopes. Society invites schools/Organizers of Summer Camps/Individuals and other organizations at to write to us  with a request to host.

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