Big Asteroid (1998 QE2) with Moon - to Miss Earth 31st May/1st June 2013

Approaching Asteroid Has Its Own Moon 

Thanks to series of NASA  articles on a space rock called "Asteroid 1998 QE2" there is spurt of interest among public. 

 On 1st June 2013 2.29 a.m. as per Indian Standard Time (20:59 UTC 31st May) a spack rock "Asteroid 1998 QE2" will miss Earthby 58,60392km i.e. 15times the Distance of Earth and Moon. Presently this asteroid is travelling at speed of 10 Km/sec. It orbits our Sun once in every 6.4 years while it rotates around itself in 4 hours. 

  Interesting Moon ? Binary ?

What is more interesting is yesterday NASA put another article confirming another object this incoming visitor from Space..i.e. scientist now understand that this asteroid has a partner (another body orbiting it). Though im not sure if we can call it a Moon of the is clear that this visitor is Binary system (set of two or more bodies in laymen language). 

Rotation&Revolution of Moon of this asteroid : According to Alan Harris "the moon is not rotating nearly as fast. In fact it's very likely the satellite is rotating at exactly the same speed at which it's orbiting the asteroid, maybe a factor of 10 slower than the asteroid's rotation period 

And its interesting to note once again the asteroid itself is rotating around itself in 4hours and circling Sun once in 6.4 years. More importantly scientist across Earth who thought its a single visitor now or for surprise as its two objects (with a partner) instead of just one.  


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