On 28th /29th May 2013 celestial phenomena of Venus in Conjunction with Jupiter will occur. Giving people an easy opportunity to locate these planets with naked eye.  In other words both Jupiter and Venus will appear to be near each other as seen from Earth.   

Direction & Timings – Hurry as they Set Early :  after Sunset one should look towards West Direction then he/she first would see Planet Venus. Slowly as it gets dark by 7pm on one can spot Planet Mercury above Venus. Whereas Jupiter can be seen on the left of Venus. 

Importance: its known that Orbits of Mercury and Venus lie on one side of Earth Close towards Sun. Whereas Orbit of Jupiter is far away from earth beyond orbit of Mars. However on 28th/29th May they appear to be near each other in the sky though in reality they are separated by enormous distance. This is  due to geometrical placement of these objects (circling Sun is such a manner) they appear close to each other in our sky which is astronomically known as Conjunction. All in all giving us a rare celestial spectacle. 

However being close to horizon this celestial meeting of Venus, Mercury & Jupiter will be visible only for 30 mins or more. As these objects will set.  Further Planet Saturn can be spotted in the Eastern Sky and visible all through the night which travels across the sky only to set in the early morning hours 
Further often hidden in the glare of Sun Planet Mercury also can be spotted just above Venus. Whereas Saturn can be seen in the East Sky.

How will they appear – how to identify which is what?   All the three Planets appear like non-twinkling star like objects in the sky. Wherein Venus will be brightest (shining at -3.9 Magnitude), Jupiter will be less bright (shinning at -1.9 Magnitude) and Mercury will be dimmer (– 0.6 Magnitude) compared to both Venus and Jupiter.

Note : in astronomy magnitude is measure of brightness so more the minus in value more brighter the object is said to be.

What after 28th May - Drama Continues:  actually since over a week if one would have observed the Jupiter & Venus. One could appreciate coming together of these objects in sky.

Anyways as days pass on people can see Jupiter, Venus, Mercury getting away from each other. While Jupiter & Mercury walks out of their appearance in evening skies declaring Venus as winner which will be visible till year End. Whereas Jupiter& Mercury will shift and start appearing in Morning skies.  

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