First& Only Eclipse Visible in India for 2014- Press Coverage India - LIVE Webcast

Dear Visitor you can you following links or frame to observe the Eclipse online

Today third among Four Eclipses of the year will occur ( 1. 15 April, Total Lunar Eclipse, 2. Apr 29 Annular Solar Eclipse  3. Oct 8 Total Lunar Eclipse 4. Oct 23 Partial Solar Eclipse ).

Today's Total Lunar Eclipse is the first and only Eclipse VISIBLE IN INDIA  for 2014 . 

Whereas First Eclipse of  Year on 15 April which was Total Lunar Eclipse or the second eclipse Annular Solar Eclipse on 29 April or last & fourth eclipse of the year on 23 Oct which is Partial Solar Eclipse are not visible from India.

1.NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Live ...

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

Other Sources :

 2. SLOOH Source
Click here

3. Virtual Telescope

Click here

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