Total Lunar Eclipse - 8 Oct 2014 - Visible in India - Except Western Parts

On 8th October Total Lunar Eclipse will occur. This eclipse though called Total it is visibile partially in India (except Western part of India) and that to for shorter period towards end of eclipse.

People in major parts of India can see a part of Moon’s Disk is immersed in earth’s dark shadow and slowly leaving during (Umbral phase) ending of Eclipse. Whereas western part of India would see the eclipse with moon (in difficult to notice) light tinge of earth’s lighter shadow (during penumbral phase). This is because Moon rises after (Umbral phase i.e. Darker) of eclipse is over.

Some of the Major places where eclipse is not visible are: Ahemedabad, ajmer, amritsar, Bangalore, Cochin, Jaipur, Jammu, Kanniyakumari, Kozikode, Mumbai, Mount Abu, Mysore, Thiruvunantapuram, Ujjain.

Timings of Eclipse in Indian standard Time & Date: Eclipse in various phases begins at 1.44 pm IST on     8th Oct, 2014 and Ends at 7.05 p.m IST.  The noticeable Umbra phase (when Moon enters earth darker shadow) begins at 2.25 p.m. IST and Ends at 6.05 p.m IST.

Why In India we can’t see Total Phase? The totalily phase of eclipse is from 3.55pm IST to 4.55 p.m.IST wherein middle or max. of eclipse occurs at 4.25 p.m. IST. For Ex;- Moon rises late around 6pm for Hyd.

In other words: Though astronomically speaking Eclipse begins at 1.44 p.m. on 8th Oct with moon entering lighter Shadow of Earth and ends with Moon leaving lighter outer shadow of earth at 7.05 p.m. on 8th Oct.   People across the world can noticeably witness darkening (or leaving) Moon’s disk parttially or fully between 2.25pm. to 6.05pm. For most of India last few minutes before eclipse ends is visible

Best Timing India  - From Moon rise to 6.05pm – East Direction:  depending on location of observer Moon rises  15-20 Minutes before Eclipse ends one can start observing the pheonomena. For Hyderabad Moon Rises at 6pm. So people can see Eclipse from 6 pm to 6.05 p.m. No Filters are required to watch this spectacle. One has to look towards east direction after Sunset. It is suggested to view from highest place above ground where one can see horizon clearly without obstruction of tress, buildings.

Best place with longer duration In India: North-Eastern states of India are best place with longer duration to see this eclipse because of early moon rise at around 5.45 p.m. when Eclipse is in progress.

Area of visibility across the World:  The Eclipse will be visible in the region covering the Americas, Australasia and Asia. The places from where the beginning of the umbral phase is visible at the time ofmoonset are some parts of Argentina, Brazil, North Atlantic Ocean and Green Land. The places from where the ending of umbral phase is visible at the time of moonrise are Indian Ocean, some parts of India, western parts of China, some parts of Kazakhstan and Russia. North America, Newzland, Japan, parts of Australia etc.. would see all phases of Eclipse from Beginning to End.

Next Eclipse on 4th April, 2015:  The next opportunity to see a Lunar Eclipse in India will occur on 4th April, 2015 which is Total Lunar Eclipse however again people can see it partially.

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